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I want to know your terms of use.

For terms and conditions, you can find details in "Terms & Conditions" at the bottom of the webpage.

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I want to know your privacy policy.

To find out more about how your personal information is managed, please refer to our " Privacy Policy" at the bottom of the website.

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I want to know your cookie policy.

this is engineering Inc.'s website uses cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. When you access our website for the very first time, you will be prompted with a notification to grant or decline the use of cookies. You can set the appropriate level of cookie tolerance in your internet browser settings.

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I am under 14. Can I use your products and services?

Our product is intended for users over 14 years of age. If you are underage, parental supervision is necessary.

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How do I create a TIE Account?

To gain access to more information about the SHIFT RED and this is engineering Inc., we recommend you register to our website. Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before applying for registration.

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How can I edit my TIE Account information?

You can edit your personal information on the TIE Account page.

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How do I delete my TIE Account?

If you wish to completely delete your TIE Account, please do the following: 1. Log in to your account 2. Click on, 'Edit Account' on My Page 3. Click on 'Delete Account' 4. Re-enter your password and click on 'Delete Account' again. Please note, your account cannot be recovered once deleted so be very careful before deleting your account.

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How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

As you create a TIE Account, you give consent to subscribe to our newsletter. If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter you may do so by clicking on the subscribe button in the TIE Account page.

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How do I unsubscribe to the newsletter?

If you'd like to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you may do so by, 1. Clicking on the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter in your email. 2. Cancel your newsletter subscription on the TIE Account page.


How can I place an order on the TIE SHOP?

If you found the product you want to purchase, select the quantity and options and click the 'Buy Now' or 'Add to Cart' button. You may confirm your saved items on the Cart Summary page. After reading TIE SHOP's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, click on 'Buy Now' to proceed with the payment to complete your order. TIE SHOP needs your full name, address(country, city, street address and zipcode), phone number and email address for shipping.